About AAJA–Asia

The AAJA–Asia chapter is a group for AAJA members in Asia and the Pacific and a bridge for AAJA members who come to the region or want to work here. In recent years, we have grown into one of AAJA’s largest chapters with about 200 members, from India and Nepal, across Southeast Asia to China, Japan and South Korea. In major cities, our vibrant sub-chapters organize a variety of events including mixers, panels with regional newsmakers, and workshops to build a rich and supportive community of international journalists in each region.

Our largest chapter event is the annual New.Now.Next Media Conference, also known as N3Con, which celebrates its tenth anniversary in May 2020. N3Con draws journalists, students and speakers from around the region and the world, featuring lively discussion of the latest issues in Asia, and hands-on workshops explaining what’s new in storytelling for the digital era. The 2020 N3Con will be held in Hong Kong in May.

The Asia chapter was founded in 1996 by two AAJA members working in the region, Allen Cheng in Hong Kong and Alan Ota in Tokyo. An early highlight was an ambitious series of programs for the many journalists who came to Hong Kong to cover the handover of the territory to China in 1997. Today’s members work for The Associated Press, AFP, BBC, Bloomberg, Thomson Reuters, CNN, TVB, WION, the Korea JoongAng Daily and many other news media.