2014 Chapter Elections: Hailey Ren statement for Student Representative

Hailey Ren, mainland China

Student Representative (Shantou University)


Thank you for giving me the opportunity to write the first candidate letter in English. My name is Hailey Ren, a junior student in Shantou University and AAJA student member. My major is International Journalism and I plan to study media further.

The experiences of the 2014 N3 Con in Hong Kong and being Prof. Ching-Ching Ni’s teaching assistant have inspired me a lot to apply for this job. If I am elected, I will do my best to be the student representative. First of all, I will strengthen the communication among the current 36 student members in AAJA-Asia. Next, help to recruit more student members, especially in other Asian regions. Thirdly, help to organize the meetings and activities. I will call for the current student members maybe the new ones to hold our first student section.

In 2014 N3 Con, I have learnt how powerful and sweet AAJA could be and how hard to hold a conference like that. As a student in China, I value AAJA-Asia more. Asian Journalism students need to stand up and be heard louder. I wish that would improve with our efforts.

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