2014 Chapter Elections: Steve Miller statement for Board Member

Steve Miller, Seoul

Candidate for at-l​arge board member

I’m Steve Miller and I’d like to announce my candidacy for a Board position in the forth coming

AAJA election. While a newer member to AAJA, I’m no stranger to professional organizations or development.


While owning my business in the United States, I was actively engaged in multiple Chambers of Commerces as Chair of the Ambassadors, a volunteer group that served as a liaison between members and Chamber leadership. It’s a position with responsibilities and demands akin to the position for in which I’d like to serve.


I’m also a proponent of furthering one’s skills and abilities. With digital media becoming more important to the way news is disseminated, not only by networks, but by freelancers, I can lend my more than 7 years experience in creating digital content and developing a social media presence to both seasoned and new journalists within the chapter. To that end, as the owner of an independent digital media company, I can also provide that growth experience through mentoring.


If permitted to serve as a Board member, I will diligently and professionally complete my charged duties. I hope you will consider me for this position.


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