2014 Chapter Elections: Yuriko Nagano statement for Board Member

Yuriko Nagano, Tokyo

Candidate for at-l​arge board member

If possible, I would like to continue working with our Asia chapter board in a new role as at-large board member.


Through this position, I would like to tackle a new task as sponsorship chair.


Courting sponsors has been a role I have been somewhat playing in the last two years already through my current responsibilities as VP for Tokyo since last year and with my previous position as treasurer from 2010.


Securing sponsors have been a necessity to run our N3 events in a sustainable way as well as raise funds for our AAJA national convention via silent auction items, which fuels AAJA programs on a wide level.


By no means can I do this alone. I will need your continued support if elected.


With our Grand Hyatt Tokyo sponsorship I will reach out to local members (Ken Moritsugu and Chiew Chung have played support for me in the past) to keep the Grand Hyatt Tokyo engaged.


With Sanrio, I will work with our member Daisuke Nakai, based in NY, who has been courting Sanrio on our behalf (with myself and others like Jake Adelstein following up with a face-to-face thank you visits).


I will plan to sustain such existing sponsors and work with our members so we can reach out to new potential sponsors.


This year, money raised from raffle sales that came from the many sponsor contributions at N3 helped launch our chapter’s pilot professional stipend program.


I am hoping the work with sponsors can continue to help our chapter offer such programs to our members.


It has been an incredibly gratifying experience ‘to give’ to AAJA and I ask for your vote so I can keep on doing so.

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