The following text is Asia chapter secretary Carina Lee’s letter to AAJA Asia

Dear AAJA-Asia,

I got involved with AAJA in Chicago back in 2014. I was an aspiring Journalist at the time and remember how AAJA helped me to make my way into Journalism. I believe AAJA is more than an organization but a community that helps each other to thrive in what we love to do. I was very lucky to be involved in the AAJA Asia chapter as a secretary and hoping to serve once more.

As my next step, I’m hoping to develop ways to serve as a platform for journalists covering Asia and the local media. I believe our AAJA Asia chapter can serve that function and help journalists to understand the local community and write stories that are relevant to the community.

This year, I was able to participate in organizing our chapter’s largest event N3con – The New, Now, Next Conference 2015-2017. It was a privilege to help bring Journalists altogether and provide valuable information that would help Journalists to keep the world inspired, entertained and informed. I am hoping to keep the momentum going through another great N3con in 2018.

I look forward to another great year in 2018.

Thank you.