N3Con activity recap: Zen Meditating at Kyukouji Temple

Members of AAJA-Asia Tokyo had the privilege of practicing zazen meditation on Saturday, May 30. Several minutes of not doing anything totally confused the brain and body of journalists, who generally have to work on one assignment after another. Zazen is supposed to help you deepen appreciation of life as part of  nature, the concept closely linked to the culture of samurai warriors who may have to die at any given time in order to complete their social obligations. It’s not easy to get to that level of sophistication, but our AAJA group did fine because the Japanese monk Masashi Mizutani acting on behalf of Kannon, Goddess of Mercy, kindly guided us by, for example, pushing (slapping) our backs. Many thanks to Mayu for arranging the event and Mizutani-san and others at the Kyukouji Temple in Shibuya for having us.


Photos by Albert Siegel