A note on the devastating Nepal earthquake

The devastation in Nepal is unbelievable.  And we have some in our AAJA-Asia Chapter family in the midst of the tragedy.  We are able to account for the safety on some, but with the death toll climbing, and conditions worsening, we fear for those +9,000 injured and thousands still missing.

For those who want to help, here is a link to vetted charities.

In the comings days, and months this is a nation that will need help in rebuilding.  It is one of the poorest nations in the world, with a gross domestic product of less than $20 billion dollars, and it will need billions to rebuild and rise from the rubble.  But we know the spirit of this region is strong, and if we can do our part, we will.

Our hearts and thoughts go to our colleagues and friends in Nepal and all those in the region affected by this devastating earthquake.

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