Recap: Trivia Bowl Fundraiser in Hong Kong


What do you get when you put a famous comedian, media teams from across Hong Kong and their supporters, amazing Silent Auction items, and a surprise visit by Miss World Canada together? That’s right, you get AAJA Asia’s First Trivia Bowl in HK!!

And if you check out all our social media feeds #BungalowHK on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter along with your usual social media contributors of all things AAJA, you’ll see the party we threw for you!! Whether you came or not 🙂


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Yes, there is an infamous push up contest that will go down in notoriety in AAJA Asia history. 💪 It’s all there, on social media. (Hey, it was for a good cause, no regrets!)

The idea behind Trivia Bowl is a very simple one. How to combine the powerful force of our AAJA Asia Chapter network with the passion we all have to support journalism in our region? This was our first year throwing our Trivia Bowl, and our Seoul sub-chapter will also be throwing a Trivia Bowl fundraiser. We hope this will be the start of an annual tradition!

The winners of 1st annual AAJA Asia Trivia Bowl HK: Bloomberg News “The Editors Awaken” 2nd Place: Reuters
Engraved on the AAJA Asia Trivia Bowl trophy, "We're Smarter Than You, and This Trophy Proves It."
Engraved on the AAJA Asia Trivia Bowl trophy, “We’re Smarter Than You, and This Trophy Proves It.”

Major shout out goes out to the AAJA Asia HK Team: Blessing Waung, Jung Soo Maeng, Zela Chin who were integral in helping us put this event together. Our student volunteers kept our party humming, and we will be thanking them with one-year memberships to AAJA, affiliation Asia Chapter! Rough total so far, we did raise some money for serious scholarships and J Camp, but MORE IMPORTANTLY, we raised awareness and profile of our AAJA Asia Chapter. We also look forward to more programming like this, with our new co-HK Vice Presidents: Billy Wong and Jenny Hsu!

It is our hope that we will continue to support the work of APAC journalists who see it as a public duty to ensure we all get the best information as possible so that we individuals can make the best decisions, as informed citizens… and have great fun, always! And don’t forget to renew your membership for 2016:

After all, the best is yet to come!! Keep on your calendar, our AAJA Asia N3Conference coming up in May, 2016. One of the most innovative, integrative and inspiring media conferences for journos in the APAC region, and beyond. You don’t want to miss it.

In AAJA Spirit,

Angie Lau
AAJA Asia Chapter President
Dec 2015