AAJA-Asia Echoes FCC’s Concerns on Arrests and Search Involving Apple Daily in Hong Kong

The Asian American Journalists Association’s Asia Chapter (AAJA-Asia) supports the statement issued by the Foreign Correspondents’ Club, Hong Kong expressing concerns about the arrest of five Apple Daily executives, including its editor-in-chief Ryan Law and deputy chief editor.

According to the Hong Kong police and media reports, two of the five Apple Daily executives arrested on Thursday have been charged with the offence of colluding with a foreign country or external elements to endanger national security, while three others were released on bail.

Press reports also indicate that police officers conducted a high profile raid of Apple Daily’s headquarters on the same day, seizing dozens of computers, as well as journalistic material and froze about HK$18 million of the media company’s assets.

Like the FCC Hong Kong, AAJA-Asia – without taking position on the legalities of the actions undertaken – also expresses concerns that they will contribute to intimidate independent media in Hong Kong and cast a chill over the free press.

AAJA-Asia Board