AAJA-Asia Digital Journalism Student Award 2016, supported by Google



Calling all undergraduate students!!!

AAJA-Asia Digital Journalism STUDENT Award  2016, supported by Google

What does the award honor?

AAJA-Asia Google Digital Journalism Student Award 2016 aims to provide a platform for prospective journalists to put “new ways of story-telling” into practice with a mixture of digital technology to tell stories that matter in the region.

Undergraduate students of all disciplines are encouraged to exercise their creativity and showcase their talent in using multiple media including but not limited to text, audio, videos and social media such as blog, Facebook, Instagram, Storify, SoundCloud, Twitter, WordPress, YouTube.

Supported by Google, AAJA is looking for the most creative work that tells continuing stories and issues of how our society evolves in the physical and digital world. Creativity should be demonstrated through the use of multiple media and content of stories.

Who is eligible?

  • Undergraduate students of all disciplines

Works must be:

  • In English
  • Properly attributed: Use of others’ work to support the story, including someone else’s twitter posts, must be indicated.
  • Compiled during the past 18 months, January 1 2015 to April 30 2016
  • Reported from the Asian region
  • Or Works from abroad will be considered if they address Asia-specific issues

Entry Procedures:

  • One entry per student
  • Group submissions are accepted but the prize (e.g. travel stipend) goes to only one representative
  • On-line submissions only
  • Please provide link to original sources and/or digital attachment of submission: print, video file, audio file, blog, etc…
  • Please attach a one-page summary of why the entrant feels the work deserves the award and provide open source outline of how story was executed and produced.  In the outline,  show and tell us how professional journalists can apply the strategies, apps, functions, etc… in their own reporting
  • Please fill out the submission form and send to aajaasia@gmail.com
  • Mark in the subject line: “AAJA-Asia Google Digital Journalism Student Award ENTRY”
  • The deadline is April 30 2016 

Judging & Award:

Our three volunteer judging panel from the AAJA-Asia Chapter will review all submissions to recommend a winner.  AAJA-Asia Chapter board members will have final approval of winning candidate.

Prizes and Announcement of Winners

Winner will be announced ahead of the AAJA-Asia N3 Conference in Seoul, Korea on May 27, and the award will formally be handed out then.

Winner will receive $1000 USD, travel to attend GEN SUMMIT 2017 (in Vienna this year: http://www.globaleditorsnetwork.org/programmes/gen-summit-2016/) , and invited to attend The Society of Publishers Awards (SOPA) 2016 on 15 June in Hong Kong AND one-year student membership of AAJA-Asia.

Winner and runners-up will receive one-year membership of AAJA-Asia, and top two runners-up will also get to attend SOPA awards in Hong Kong.

Past Winners’ Work

Students might refer to past winners’ work from the same award for professional journalists to make sense of what is required:  https://n3con.com/aaja-asia/winner-of-aaja-asia-google-digital-journalism-award/

Inquiries could be sent to Billy Wong sk.wong@tvb.com.hk.