AAJA ASIA: President’s Report


October Report

Dear AAJA Asia Members:

October was a busy month for all. A truly eventful start to the fourth quarter, and primed to finish the year AAJA strong. From events hosted across the region, and more in the planning book from Singapore to Hong Kong, Seoul to Tokyo and more… we are supporting each other professionally and personally, and in ways that few journalism groups are able to do regionally.

We are on track to host our first ever Trivia Bowl in Hong Kong! This is a tradition of all our Chapters in the U.S. But for the first time, it comes to Asia! Teams are being formed as we speak, from Bloomberg to Reuters, SCMP, NY Times to WSJ. We hope to raise money for J-Camp in Asia, which we want to launch next summer. AAJA J-Camp Co-founder Neal Justin is ready to support with staffing and star journalists to help lead in HK. It is a work in progress, but it will depend on our ability to fund. As you may already be aware, I spent a few years as co-director of this program. It’s one of the most fulfilling times I’ve ever spent as a journalist.

I also wanted to update you on Google support. AAJA Asia successfully hosted a unique News Lab event for journalists with their U.S. team. We also have a promise that Google once again, will be providing funding support for N3C and AAJA Asia Digital Award. This is amazing news, and shows our value as an organization as we collaborate with one of the most innovative tech companies in the world. Google is looking to reprise their regional News Lab conference in 2016. They know we are very interested in partnering with them once again in conjunction with N3C, but they cannot confirm location nor date until January. Google is aware of our plans to host N3C once again in Seoul, sometime in May. I will keep you apprised of any and all developments with Google on this front.

We are also looking at hiring for a support staff position for N3C in 2016. This will be a paid position, commensurate to the detailed work and logistical organization needed for another successful year. We are also well aware that last year was an outlier as there was a leadership change mid-planning, and it came together very last AAJA Asia PRESIDENT’S REPORT Updates: 1. HK Trivia Bowl 2. Google News Lab Nov. 13th 3. N3C Google Funding 4. N3C Staff Position minute. We aim to relieve the pressure we put on ourselves and our incredible volunteers by planning well in advance. Board Chapter member, Oanh Ha is taking the helm here along with Sean Lim.

And I end this note with gratitude for two incredible members who are changing titles within the organization. Yuri Nagano as you know served alongside me as copresident during our transition from Ramy Inocencio last year. Yuri gave the Chapter much needed detailed guidance and made sure nothing fell through the cracks. She has stepped back now, to focus on her family and work, but remains very much by my side and yours. Wendy Tang is also stepping away from her role in HK, as she is off to Beijing for her next adventure! We thank her for incredible work in HK, a friend to so many of us. We will miss our little sis’! But of course, we have no doubt that she is going to help us take over Beijing and sign up new members and create some AAJA buzz there.

After all, we ARE now officially the largest Chapter in AAJA! Overtaking even powerhouse Chapters New York and Los Angeles. We could not have done it without each and every one of you.

All in all, a great finish to 2015! With 2016 around the corner, the best is yet to come.

In AAJA Spirit,

Angie Lau
AAJA Asia Chapter President