AAJA Asia Video training w/Google

Join us for AAJA-Asia Training Network’s Video-Focused Workshop to learn the three most relevant modules for video: (1) search tools for video, (2) map tools and (3) data visualization tools. You will acquire tools that can be edited into a video.

Date: Sat., August 3, 2019
9:00am – 12:00pm

Google HONG KONG, Tower 2, Times Square, 1 Matheson St, Causeway Bay [TechTalk Room on Level 21]
Eligibility: Open to AAJA members and non-AAJA members

For registration, check out the link below! (ONLY 38 SPOTS AVAILABLE!)


The work shop will be going through features as below.

(1.1) Advanced search for the video (searching for pngs, animated gifs, etc);

(1.2.) YouTube specific tools (search/metasearch, geofind, analysis, download, copyright)

(2.1) Google maps for video (historical street view, 360 panorama pictures, mymaps, APIs);

(2.2) Third-party map tools (OpenStreetMap, QGIS, naturalearthdata, etc.); useful to participants who want more control over their maps

(2.3) Google Earth Pro (video export, timelapses, historical, crisis) and Earth Studio (animating a video, using the variable parameters for better video) ;

(3.1) Animated graphs in Google Public Data;

(3.2) Flourish visualisations and “stories” (how to export usable video content).

Additionally, if time allows, you will get tools that are not necessarily video related but visual enough to be used in a video on specific subjects, such as:

(a) Archive tools (visualising.io, wayback machine)

(b) Search trend visualisations with Google trends

(c) Google datasets and google sheet visualisation

(d) Social media content in video

For each tool, the workshop would aim to show (1) how to use the tool to create the best visuals, and (2) how to export the visuals from their original form into an editing software (screen recording, video downloaders, jpeg-to-video workflow, etc). There will also be a section on copyright issues and under what conditions you can or cannot use others videos.