AAJA-Asia’s 2024-2025 Board Election Candidacy Statements

The Asian American Journalists Association’s Asia Chapter has been serving Asia’s news media community since 1996, supporting journalists to advance their skills and progress in their careers, advocating for a free press and for more diversity, equity and inclusion in Asia’s newsrooms and news coverage.

This work would not have been possible without the engagement in our association, as members or chapter leaders, of talented and passionate news professionals that have been inspiring and leading our community forward along the years.

Today, more than ever, passion and commitment are needed to herald the values of freedom of the press, trustworthy journalism and fair representation of all communities in Asia’s news media.

Two positions are up for renewal in the current elections:

  • National Board Representatve. This board member is the chapter’s advocate and liaison to the national board and office. AAJA-Asia must be represented in person at the two advisory board meetings held every year in the United States. The board representative will keep the Asia chapter board apprised of national policies and procedures.
  • Student Representative, for a one-year term. The student representative serves as an advocate for students and their needs. They help organize activities and promote AAJA-Asia on their campus, and help liaise with other campuses. They field questions from academic staff and students, work to increase student membership and engage in membership outreach. Two students can serve as Co Student Representatives.

We are pleased to publish hereafter the letters of candidacy of the candidates for the AAJA-Asia 2023-2024 Board.

National Board Representative

K. Oanh Ha, candidate for National Board Representative

I’ve been proud and grateful to lead AAJA-Asia and work with our passionate board and volunteers to grow our chapter throughout the region. We hosted another successful N3Con in Singapore this spring as well as expanded our Executive Leadership Program and reached new milestones to support quality journalism in Asia Pacific. We can work together to take AAJA-Asia to even higher heights. I’d be grateful to continue working with our national leaders to represent our chapter, with its unique needs and challenges, and help AAJA expand our community throughout Asia. I’m grateful for your support and vote.

Student Representative(s)

Charlotte Kwan, Candidate for Student Representative

My name is Charlotte. I am writing in pursuit of an opportunity to serve as a student representative in AAJA, for I am eager to assist students in the region and contribute to this meaningful organization. I am a third-year journalism student double majoring in Sociology at The University of Hong Kong and have previously joined the AAJA-Asia N3ConU Mentorship Program last summer, as well as SCMP as a summer intern working under Young Post. From these experiences, I deeply feel the need for extracurricular activities to reach students’ potential and provide them with useful connections with industry professionals to prepare them for a journalism career. With that said, if possible, I hope to host more student events and gather insights from students. I regard this position as a valuable opportunity to challenge myself and engage students in the journalism industry.

Eunice Sng, Candidate for Student Representative

Hello! I am Eunice, a lifestyle writer hoping to work at a multinational news organisation. As an aspiring journalist, I recognise how important it is to build your network from the start of
your career. My experience, however, has convinced me that there are few opportunities to meet international journalists as a student in Singapore. The annual N3 conference is an excellent resource. But more Singaporeans need to be aware of it. If I am elected as AAJA’s student representative, I will not only double down on outreach to all polytechnics and universities but also promote the conference at career fairs and employment platforms. I will also explore fringe activities, which include seeking partnerships with independent Singaporean media like Jom to hold events. I will invite journalists affiliated with AAJA-Asia to hold panel discussions with local writers about industry topics. Overall, I aim to make journalism careers more accessible.

June Seong Lee, Candidate for Student Representative

I am applying as a 2024 student representative to solidify the expansion of student engagement that could bring new changes to the community. First, I would like to restore and help edit monthly newsletters so that all members can stay up to date of all notices more efficiently. Second, I will effectively promote AAJA-Asia activities to a wider audience by making card news and short videos on a regular basis and revive AAJA-Asia’s social media accounts on a larger scale. Third, I will actively communicate and work with all members based on my previous experience as a student representative in 2021. Moreover, during my military service and internship at SBS News International Team, I trained to apply my open-mindedness and objective thinking to the work more skillfully than the past. Based on my contributions to AAJA-Asia for the past 3 years, I am confident to take the role once more.