AAJA in Myanmar, with the East-West Center

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More than a dozen AAJA members from Seoul, Tokyo, Hong Kong, Manila, Singapore, Bangkok, New York and Honolulu gathered in Yangon, Myanmar, for the East-West Center International Media Conference, from March 10 to 12. The theme was “challenge of a free press,” and Aung San Suu Kyi kicked off the conference with a keynote address.

AAJA members not only attended, but many spoke on several panels, sharing their journalism experiences and lessons. Watch what they had to say in the links below:

You can also catch the conversation on Twitter using the hashtag #EastWestMedia

The Media and Northeast Asia
(Seoul-based member, Steven Borowiec, second from the left)

How to Discover, Validate and Distill the Best of Social Media for Reporting
(Singapore-based member Alan Soon, first from the left, Vietnam-based member Asha Phillips, first from the right)

Moving Forward – Financial Reporting Amid Asia’s Transformation
(Hong Kong-based member Angie Lau, first from the left)

Follow the Money: How to Cover Major Stories through the Lens of Business
(Hong Kong-based member Angie Lau, first from the left, Tokyo-based member Elaine Kurtenbach, second from the left, Manila-based member Aya Lowe, second from the right and Singapore-based member Shibani Mahtani, first from the right)

Flying Into the Storm: Dispatches from Disaster Zones
(AAJA-Asia’s Chapter President and Hong Kong-based member Ramy Inocencio, first from the right)

Freelancing in the New Media Environment
(Seoul-based member Jason Strother, second from left, Manila member Sunshine de Leon, second from the left, Seoul-based member Malte Kollenberg, second from the right, and Singapore-based member Jeffrey Oon, first from the right)

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