AAJA Karaoke Night in Tokyo + Happy Birthday Hiroko!

Tokyo 020 (Small)

The Tokyo arm of AAJA-Asia hosted its first karaoke night, in honor of visitors from the San Francisco Bay Area chapter and New York Times reporter (and new AAJA member) Hiroko Tabuchi’s 30th birthday. 

WHEN:  Friday, Sept. 25  9:00 p.m.-midnight

WHERE: Shibuya SHIDAX Karaoke, Jinnan 1-12-13, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo

PRICE:  3,500 yen for three hours of singing, all-you-can-drink and snacks (but budget a bit more assuming we order extra food)

MAP:  http://g.pia.co.jp/kshop/62668 (in Japanese)   http://gmap.jp/shop-9057.html (in English)

Send RSVPs and questions to tomoko.hosaka(at)gmail.com by WED, SEPT. 23