AAJA Seoul 2020 subchapter elections: apply by Dec. 8!

AAJA Seoul is holding its subchapter elections in the coming weeks, and we’d love to see new faces. If you’ve ever wanted to get more involved with AAJA, this is a great way to do so!

Take a look at the positions below and see how you’d like to contribute. Terms for all positions will run for one year, starting Jan. 1, 2020.

To run, please apply by Sunday, December 8 using this form.

The Seoul 2020 board will be led by chapter Co-VPs Carina Lee and Jihye Lee and consist of the following positions, grouped into teams that will work together to carry out the subchapter’s mission:

Events team: responsible for holding AAJA Seoul events (panels/workshops/social events)

  • Student outreach organizer: responsible for organizing student-targeted workshops from inviting guest speakers/lecturers, securing venue, getting RSVPs from attendees
  • Workshop organizer: responsible for organizing skill-based panels with journalist speakers, such as source-building, writing, reporting, etc. Includes finding journalists to speak on experience, finding a moderator/translator as needed, securing venue and RSVPs.
  • Panel organizer: responsible for targeting a specific topic-driven discussion panel and reaching out to sources that can share knowledge based on that given topic,finding a moderator/translator as needed, securing venue and RSVPs
  • Social events organizer: responsible for organizing social events at a fixed Friday/Saturday each month, can get creative (doesn’t always have to be beer!), coordinating with membership director to organize mixers for visiting AAJA members

Communications team: responsible for promoting AAJA events and marketing activities — including communicating with events organizers to make sure events are widely publicized ahead of time

  • Communications director (and team leader): Being a core bridge role between pr/marketing activities and events organizers
  • Social media director: posting event notices on Facebook / sharing members’ work online/tweeting
  • PR officer: blog posts (bug people about photos taken at events, brag about how fun events were on AAJA facebook/twitter) & put together newsletters (bug other members to contribute!)
  • Membership director: main goal is to increase membership by greeting new members and give exciting events info to non-members & work with social events organizer to open up special mixers (mixers to connect with visiting AAJA members in Seoul)

Job coordinating team (one team leader, two officers): responsible for presenting job opportunities for AAJA members & provide mentorship for students

The type of job posts that we’re looking for:

  1. Gathered by word of mouth (member-connected): job opportunities from within our network that include but not limited to: translation/interpretation/reporter/editor/stringer/manager roles, including non-journalism related roles
  2. Official job posts: Searching for official job opportunities that are already available online (LinkedIn, MediaJob, upcoming job posts from various media companies) and organizing them onto our platform
  3. Events for job seekers : Connecting job-seekers with recruiters, finding job-search/networking related events, working with communications team
  4. Mentorship: Starting a mentorship program with students/journalists/any member for career advice, connecting AAJA Seoul (or outside) members with students/job-seekers/mentorship-wanting people

If any of these sound like you, please apply by Sunday, December 8 using this form.