AAJA Seoul does happy hour and bindaettoek

Posted on Jan 28, 2012 in Events

    After a long and festive holiday season, AAJA-Asia’s Seoul contingent kicked off the Year of the Black Dragon with some much-needed hobnobbing during happy hour at the Seoul Foreign Correspondents Club. In addition to our current members, we welcomed a lot of bright, young faces, including some prospective new members!

    Topics of discussion over the evening included new job opportunities, reporting on K-pop, the sartorial choices of the South Korean president and first lady and, of course, future events.

    Famished after all that networking, the crew headed out to a crowded downtown bindaetteok joint for some deliciously crispy mung bean pancakes.

    Interested in attending AAJA-Asia’s events in Seoul? Check back here for news on future events and email aajaseoul@gmail.com. In the planning stages now is a panel on freelancing in Korea.

    Photos by Hannah Bae, AAJA Seoul VP

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