AAJA Seoul Welcomes Its 2018 Subchapter Board

The votes are in, and AAJA Seoul revealed its 2018 subchapter board at its year-end party on Dec. 9. Please welcome the new board, which will begin its one-year term Jan. 1, 2018:

Education programming director – Brolley Genster (incumbent)

Social events director – Jihye Lee

Communications director – Gavin Huang

Job listings coordinator – Jihyoung Son (incumbent)

Student outreach coordinator – Rachel Premack

Translation coordinator – Youkyung Lee and Haeyoon Kim (incumbent)

At-large board member – Mark Zastrow

Event photographer – Inkyung Julie Yoon

Social media coordinator – Bryan Betts


Treasurer – Carina Lee

Programming director – Simone Jeong

Membership director – Eunji Kim

Secretary – [vacant]

There’s still room to participate in helping to plan AAJA Seoul’s events. To get involved, simply email aajaasiaseoul@gmail.com. (Not a member yet or need to renew? Join at http://www.aaja.org/join.)