**2016 AAJA Seoul’s Tea Talk event **

AAJA Seoul invites its members and journalists to the upcoming tea talk with leukemia victims from Samsung semiconductor plants and Samsung representatives.

The event will take place on January 16 when Samsung is expected to conclude its negotiation with representatives of leukemia victims over a host of thorny issues, including the compensation package, preventive measures and the way of offering an apology over alleged industrial workplace-related illnesses.
It will be a rare opportunity to hear from both leukemia victims and Samsung officials. The guests will include Hwang Sang-ki, who lost his 23-year-old daughter Yumi because of acute leukemia in 2007, Song Chang-ho, head of the Family Committee and a former Samsung factory worker, Dr. Jeong-ok Kong, a representative from Banolim which is a local advocacy group known as SHARPS, and possibly Paik Soo-ha, Samsung Electronics’ chief negotiator and public relations vice president.
Paik will confirm whether or not to attend the tea talk in the next few days. He said Samsung represenatives, including himself, may boycott the event if the majority of attendees are from media outlets known to write biased, anti-Samsung articles.

We expect interesting discussions at the tea talk as Song, head of the Family Committee, appears to be quite satisfied with Samsung’s preventive measures and compensation package thus far, whereas other victims from Banollim are not.

Tea and snacks will be provided. Korean-English interpretation will also be available. $10,000 won for the members of the American Asian Journalists Association, $15,000 for non-members.


For RSVP, please check our facebook event