Find Your Local Subchapter

AAJA-Asia has over 200 members across Asia (and growing!), making it one of AAJA’s largest chapters worlwide and one the of the largest journalist international networks in Asia.

There are currently four official subchapters in Hong Kong, Seoul, Singapore (for Southeast Asia) and Tokyo. For more information about AAJA-ASIA’s events and activities near you, please contact your subchapter’s VP.

If there’s no subchapter in your region, please email us at and volunteer to be a coordinator for your area!  

Hong Kong

For Hong Kong, please contact Holly Chik and Juliana Liu at:


For Seoul, please contact Grace Moon and Hieun Shin at:

Singapore (Southeast Asia)

For Singapore/SEA, please contact Mike Raomanacbai and Tom Benner:


For Tokyo, please contact Erica Yokoyama and Kantaro Kumiya at: