Announcing election results and runoffs for 2019/2020 AAJA-Asia board

Thank you to everyone who voted in our first round of AAJA-Asia chapter elections for 2019/2020. We are pleased to announce the following winners:

Soo Min Oh

Vice President, Singapore
Tom Benner

Vice President, Hong Kong
Rebecca Isjwara and Kari Lindberg (co-VPs)

National Board Representative
Yuriko Nagano

At-large Board Members (2 positions)
Zela Chin
Angie Lau

Student Representative
Holly Chik

Congratulations to all of the winners, and we extend our deepest thanks to all of the candidates for stepping up to lead our chapter.

The following positions were open with no candidates running. Write-in winners were contacted about their availability to run, and we will now have a runoff election.

Vice President, Tokyo
Regional vice presidents are the point persons for AAJA in their respective cities. They answer questions about AAJA, plan and coordinate local events, and oversee membership recruitment in their city. They also work with the president and other officers to set overall direction for the chapter. One may be designated to assume the responsibilities of the president in his or her absence.

Executive Vice President
This officer will work closely with the president to execute the board’s goals and help form programs to serve members and grow the AAJA-Asia community. They will have a broad, regional mandate to help identify and pursue opportunities that support the chapter. This officer will assume the responsibilities of the president in his or her absence.

We will also have a special election for the position of chapter President.
Oanh Ha was elected last year in a special election to serve out the rest of Angie Lau’s term, which ends at the end of this year. This special election will be for a full two-year term from 2019–2020.

Additional candidates will be accepted for the above three positions until Thursday, 29 November, 11:59 pm Hong Kong time.

To run, please submit a letter of candidacy and photo to this email ( All letters will be posted on the AAJA-Asia chapter website. Letters should be no more than 150 words and should address why you are running for this role. The subject of the email should be “Candidacy Letter 2018 – [Position]”

All AAJA-Asia members will receive an electronic ballot to vote on Monday, 3 December. Polls will close at 11:59 pm Hong Kong time on Friday, 7 December.