Bilingual Independent News Agency ROOSTERGNN Seeks Editors and Contributors

ROOSTERGNN, first global, bilingual and independent news agency, is recruiting regional editors, section editors and contributors in Asia.

Responsibilities of the Regional Editors:

  • Coordinate section editors (Politics, Economy, Science, Sports, Culture, Travel, Lifestyle, Op-Art).
  • Choose three articles/pieces of content to present to the ROOSTERGNN editorial board each week.
  • Not more than one of these articles/pieces of content may be written by the editor him or herself. A
  • regional editor can currently also serve as a section editor.
  • Propose and recruit section editors.
  • Propose and recruit new contributors.
  • In the near future, editors will also be responsible for uploading content directly (knowledge of
  • WordPress required), publish content, create new user profiles, format photos and add tags. The
  • current version is ROOSTERGNN is edited and formatted in Madrid

Once selected, editors will receive an official ROOSTERGNN email account. Editors will be subject
to a one-month trial period and subject revisions. After six months, the name of the editor will
officially be added to the masthead.
A certificate of collaboration can be emitted at any point, both for editors as well as contributors. For
the latter, certificates will be emitted after having published three articles/pieces of content. Both
for editors and contributors, each published article/piece of content is deemed equivalent to three
hours of work.


  • Ability to write, argue points of view and select content.
  • Ability to organize and coordinate section editors and contributors.
  • Passion for freedom of expression.
  • Passion for technology and new media.
  • Previous experience at other publications and/or media companies is desirable.
  • Articles/content previously published on ROOSTERGNN will be taken into account.
  • Ability to edit photos, multimedia content and WordPress skills are desirable

Send CV and clips to, indicating the region and/or section of interest in
the subject of your email.

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