Blockchain Workshop for Journalists

As part of its monthly Digital N3 Salons series, the Asian American Journalists Association’s Asia Chapter (AAJA-Asia) is pleased to schedule a free online workshop on Blockchain for Journalists on Saturdays 25th September and 2nd October 2021.

Blockchain technology – which powers cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum, which allows for building decentralized applications – holds promise for developing a sustainable journalism eco-system. During this two-session online workshop, we will outline the path from pre-Bitcoin computer science breakthroughs to Bitcoin and using blockchain to store important metadata that journalists and media companies use daily and securely store and edit through a blockchain.

Whether you are a journalist building for the future of newsrooms via blockchain technology or a curious enthusiast making sense of the hype, this workshop will help you understand why blockchain technology being a great news coordination tool for journalists in general, approaching blockchain from the viewpoint of why it has the impact it has on newsrooms.  

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1st Session -25th September 2021

Intro to Blockchain

  • A brief history of digital cash and blockchain technology
  • Overview of technology that makes blockchains possible
  • Overview of the latest decentralized applications using blockchain technology to change how journalists perform their newsroom duties and operations.
2nd Session – 2nd October 2021
Deep Dive Session: Blockchain in Journalism
  • Civil, in partnership with Forbes and Kinzen
  • User-generated news agencies London-based Mogul and Netherland-based Nwzer 
  • EU-financed Content Personalisation Network

Workshop leader: 

Daniel Yap is the former Publisher with The Middle Ground – a socio-political news site focused on Singapore and Southeast Asia affairs between 2015 and late 2017; he now does communication work for crypto exchange and is based in Finland. Daniel has a wealth of experience in content and creative writing and marketing, and business consultancy. He is especially familiar with the media and fintech industries. Daniel has also worked on various projects ranging from investor relations communications for MNCs to marketing campaigns for tech startups.

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