Candidate Letter: Jeremiah Foo for board member

Post: At-large board member A (term until December 2016)

Candidate: Jeremiah Foo


Letter of Candidacy:

Dear Sir/Madam,

I would like to tender this letter of candidacy for consideration to fill the position of At-large board member of AAJA-Asia.

My journalistic career began in Malaysia, as a feature writer for Star Publications for almost seven years covering entertainment, business, politics, technology and new media. In 1999 I decided to return to Singapore where I was educated to pursue my career in Music and Filmmaking, where I produced a documentary “Church of the Redemptorists in Asia Oceana” that won the Best of Show at the Vatican Film Fest, my other documentary production credits include technical supervisor for “Glass Enclosure: Japan Invisible” directed by award-winning Naguib Razak.

I am also the founder of MyBloggerCon Awards, Asia’s longest-running Chinese Language Blog Award. And I have also co-counded BlogFest Asia, where we bring bloggers from all over Asia to bounce ideas off each other.

Currently, I am the program director of the Convergent Media Program at Shantou University where I helped started with the blessings of Prof. Ying Chan. We have organised and produced reporting trips to US, South Africa, Japan, Malaysia and Vietnam for students, to name a few. Also, I am the publisher of PlanetPhoto, a travel and photography tablet-magazine.

I believe I can contribute positively to AAJA-Asia if elected (or not even), your consideration to elect me to serve will be most honoured.

Thank you.


Yours Truly,

Jeremiah Foo

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