For employers

AAJA-Asia is uniquely diverse, multilingual and globalized, with our 200 members across the continent composed of students, working professionals and veterans of the trade. We have an active job board for career positions, freelance opportunities and short-term gigs. We welcome your partnership to connect you with our members or to advertise your job posting. Get in touch with any of our board members or email

For jobseekers

Some of the greatest benefits of an AAJA membership are the networking, mentorship and career opportunities. Many members land their next career move through the network or through job postings sent to AAJA from major organizations including CNN, Bloomberg, Reuters and more.

Get in touch with your local subchapter representative to make sure you’re in the loop about upcoming job opportunities.

For freelancers

More than 20 percent of AAJA-Asia’s members are full-time freelancers or self-employed journalists, while many others are picking up side jobs. For any freelancer, networking is critical. AAJA-Asia’s partnerships with major organizations give freelancers an early opportunity to seize upcoming jobs.

Get in touch with your local subchapter representative to make sure you’re in the loop about upcoming job opportunities.


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