Chapter elections 2013: Sean Lim, Seoul – Seoul Vice President

Over the past two years our Seoul sub-chapter has blossomed in membership and activity. In terms of numbers, we are now on-par with Hong Kong, which has dominated the Asia chapter for years. In the next two years, I’d like to bring a regional conference to Seoul where members from all parts of our Asia chapter come to experience our vibrant city.

It’s also important to expand our seminars and one-on-ones with prominent opinion makers and policy leaders in order to create a membership that has more local knowledge than the drop-in stringers. Moreover, I’d like to continue our skills training seminars that are taught by our fellow members to foster growth and a sense of community service.

And lastly, of course we need to continue our vibrant social gatherings and networking events. I’d like to think that we’ve create one special close-knit community and it’s time to have all of us help each other take our careers and lives to the next level. It’s also understandable that Seoul members may not be in Korea forever, so our chapter should also help anybody here connect seamlessly with members in other cities.

I’d like to make all of these things happen and would be happy to hear your ideas on how to get the most out of our time together.

Sean Lim, Seoul – candidate for Seoul Vice President

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