Chapter elections 2013: Ramy Inocencio, Hong Kong – National Board Representative

Dear AAJA-Asia,

Currently serving as your National Board Representative and Chapter President, you have entrusted me with leading our 220+ members across the Asia-Pacific in record membership growth, in steering networking and regional conference events such as the annual N3 Con and in representing your best interests at AAJA National in the U.S.

I ask that you allow me to continue to work for you as one of your two National Board Representatives for the next two-year term by voting for me by October 31.

One simple reason: chapter presidents do not have voting rights at the national level. As your National Board Representative, you would give me that vote needed to help voice your concerns and wishes through 2016.

Another reason: Over nearly the past three years since moving from New York to Asia, I have proven my ability to be a guiding leader for our AAJA family.

I’m not finished yet.

My continued goals are to help AAJA-Asia reach the 300-member mark and beyond, to organize consistent networking events and guest lectures, to attract more funding for AAJA-Asia programs, to continue to expand our marquee Asia conference – the NewNowNext conference – in 2014 and 2015, and to work with our friends at AAJA National for maximum support.

You likely know my mantra for AAJA-Asia: “Together we rise.”

Let’s continue the work we have ahead of us — thank you for your vote October 31.

All best,

Ramy Inocencio, candidate for National Board Representative

Currently, AAJA-Asia President & National Board Representative

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