Chapter elections 2016: Submit your candidacy

It’s election season again! Now is the time for you to step up and help lead our chapter of 200strong members into an amazing 2016.

We have these positions coming open, which will begin January 1, 2016 and last for a term of two years:

· Secretary, AAJA-Asia

The Secretary will keep a book of minutes of all board meetings and membership meetings. The minutes will be posted on the chapter website. The secretary also must monitor the chapter website, e-mail account and other public areas, such as the Facebook page. S/he will handle correspondence with chapter members.

· Vice President, Hong Kong
· Vice President, South Korea
· Vice President, Thailand – New Position

Regional vice presidents are the point persons for AAJA in their respective cities. They answer questions about AAJA, plan and coordinate local events, and oversee membership recruitment in their city. They also work with the president and other officers to set overall direction for the chapter. One may be designated to assume the responsibilities of the president in his or her absence.

· Two (2) National Board Representative Positions

These two positions are the chapter’s representative platforms to the national advisory board, similar to U.S. senators to Congress. AAJA-Asia must be represented in person at the two advisory board meetings held every year in the United States. One of the meetings occurs at the national convention. The board representatives will keep the Asia chapter board apprised of national policies and procedures. S/he will write summary report of the national board meetings that will be provided to the Asia board. In light of AAJA-Asia’s new status as a large chapter, defined as having more than 100 full members, we have one additional seat to fill to represent us at National.

· One (1) At-large Board Member Position

Chapter board members help set direction for the chapter. They also may take charge of specific areas such as fundraising or membership and recruitment. They answer questions from members, work to increase membership, and engage in membership outreach.

Key Dates to Run

· October 6: Candidate Letters

Submit a letter of candidacy to by this date. All letters will be posted on the AAJA-Asia chapter website.

· October 15-22: Election Week

All AAJA-Asia members will receive an electronic ballot to vote. All votes must be made before midnight, Thursday October 22. We will report the votes to AAJA National in San Francisco and winning candidates will be notified.

· October 29: Announcement of winners

In addition to helping lead professional and social events in your cities and countries, all AAJA board members are required to call in to a monthly virtual board meeting to update chapter leaders on programming, future planning, and simply to stay connected with a friendly hello across our vast distances.

Questions? E-mail Hailey Ren, AAJA-Asia Election Chair at haileyren3(at)

Good luck in your candidacies and we look forward to working with you to take AAJA-Asia into 2016 and beyond helping members get jobs, professional training, network with contacts, and just have fun!