Columbia Fellowship winners reflect on N3Con

Anh Nguyen, Temple University Philadelphia:
The lessons and emotions I from [N3Con] are strong. The speakers were terrific, the topics were on point and the networking socials made it truly a fun and memorable experience. N3Con stood out as a must-attend conference for journalists in Asia. I was thrilled to surround myself with veteran journalists, immerse in eye-opening workshops and engage in great discussions regarding hot topics in Asia such as state censorship, terrorism coverage and cryptocurrency.  
As an aspiring journalist, I highly appreciate N3ConU program where I got to see newsrooms in action, learn from professionals’ experience and make valuable connections with both working journalists and other college students. N3Con was just what I needed to catch up with the latest headlines in the region and acclimate myself with the differences in reporting and working in Asia. My favorite session was on covering the #metoo movement in Asia. The panel assembled remarkable female journalists who pioneered the coverage and fought for the rights of sexual assault victims despite pushback from many fronts. I was greatly inspired from talking to them, and their bravery as well as determination will serve as guidance in my future journalistic endeavors. 

Rebecca Bender, Temple University Tokyo:
N3Con taught me the tips and tricks of the journalism world that I wouldn’t have learned on my own. I was able to network with people who have vast experience in the news industry and I made relationships with other students who have a passion for news. My drive and thirst to provide quality news broadcasting has expanded and so has my connections to the industry. I now have mentors to lead me in my passion and show me how to reach my goals successfully.
Video reflection:
Dhriti Mehta, University of Tokyo:
[N3Con was] a truly transformative experience for me, and have given me the tools and the mindset I need to have in order to pursue my dreams of doing journalism.
I really cannot thank Carla Sapsford Newman and Jay Hartwell enough for believing in me and providing me with this amazing learning opportunity. I’m very grateful for this eye opening and inspiring experience and am sure that I’ll take back a lot of meaningful relationships along with all the new ideas that I have gathered at the conference.
I will definitely keep in touch with [AAJA organizers] and keep coming to you for guidance and advice. The AAJA community is very supportive and I will be sure to take all the support I can as I start my journalism journey.