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  1. Dear AAJA Team,

    We are interested in the possibility of posting vacancies for Asian jobs on your web site and would like some information on how it works. Would you be able to forward me some information of how you post, how many subscribers you have– if you email your subscribers when there is a job opportunity or post on your linkedin/facebook page. Also we would like to know the costs involved.

    Our company is SNL Financial and our website is http://www.snl.com. We have offices in Hong Kong, Singapore and Manila but also employ people on a freelance basis across Asia.

    I would be interested in hearing from you regarding how we could work together to advertise our vacancies.

    Kind regards
    Sandra Redgewell
    Office Manager
    E-mail: sredgewell@snl.com
    Direct dial: 0044 20 7398 0884

  2. Dear Colleague,
    National Press Club, Nepal {NPCN} has been always working hard under the UNESCO principles believing Peace,Progress and Democracy as the fundamental rights of people.To inform people with truth and factual information is our ethical norms, and further we are sincere, dedicated and well-disciplined to protect occupational rights as well.

    NPCN is a representative organization for journalists, who have keen
    dedication to elevate the journalism as the forth organ of nation; and
    also has been contributing people with well information.NPCN is seeking
    such person to award with the “International Journalism Peace Award” who
    has been working for the social betterment from national and international
    arena as well.We extend our friendship relations.

    NPCN to fulfill the following aims
    -to exchange the ideals .
    -to exchange views with journalists science & technology.
    -to work for peace, environmental and friendship among the peoples .
    -believe in democracy.always works to protect occupational rights .

    We request you to extend our request to the person who have been involved in such field, and also seek your mutual co-operation to make available theirs details us.We are going to publish a souvenir include short article relating fields.Please send us events as soon as possible.

    With best regards.

    Ram Krishna Karmacharya
    GPO Box 4447 Kathmandu, Nepal.
    Website: http://www.npc.org.np
    Email: info@npc.org.np

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