Establish your leadership platform with Ron Brown

By Angie Lau, chapter president of AAJA-Asia

How’s your career going?  

In this modern age of digital advancement, cultural dissonance, and generational shift in how we all perceive the thing that most of us predominantly spend our time… our jobs inevitably define us.  The question you need to ask yourself is, do you like that definition of you?   

When I applied to attend AAJA ELP (Executive Leadership Program) in 2005, I never dreamed how impactful it would be.  All I knew when I submitted my application was, that I felt like I was in a rut.  Stuck.  Frustrated.  I knew my potential.  I knew what I could do.  So, why wasn’t I being given the opportunities?  Why were special assignments and promotions handed to others over me?  After all, I was hard working, won awards, and never complained!  In fact, I never spoke up at all.  Didn’t my work do all the talking for me?

How naive that sounds to me now.  

In the years that followed that pivotal course, I applied the skills and strategies I learned from Ron Brown, and I shattered that ceiling I placed on myself.  He made me realize I was my own worst enemy.  By not expressing clearly my goals to my managers, I was doing myself the greatest disservice of all.  By keeping quiet, I let others define my career.  But with Ron’s guidance, I gained my voice.  

Dr. Ron Brown, Ph. D is a top corporate coach (McDonald’s, Merrill Lynch, Sony, Reebok, Shell, Exxon…) that addresses diversity and the challenges of leadership (or at least, … how to break through to the next level).  He was instrumental in changing my career trajectory, as I realized that my own cultural expectations and values and biases actually held me back.  And it wasn’t until I learned the real language of leadership that I was able to truly communicate my best skills and ideas.  

Ron is one of the most sought-after corporate trainers in the U.S. and AAJA Asia Chapter is pleased to bring him to Asia, with the kind support of Cathay Pacific, to share him with our Chapter members to help get you past your career rut.  

Learn how to take control by learning the language of power and leadership.  Develop a personal blueprint to drive your goals in the newsroom.  Gain best strategies to negotiate from a position of strength, in whatever you want to achieve.

It starts with you.

Sign up for AAJA Asia’s Ron Brown, Power & Leadership Course in Hong Kong, Seoul after our New.Next.Now Media Conference, and Tokyo.  He will also be available for one-on-one sessions.  Email to book a personal coaching session today.  Check out the flier here !