Freelance Opportunity at CBS SmartPlanet

SmartPlanet_-_Innovative_Ideas_That_Impact_Your_WorldCBS SmartPlanet, a global business innovation publication, is looking for a Tokyo-based correspondent. The company seeks a business features writer for a section of the site called Global Observer. The stories should give a slice of life in the correspondent’s city, plus also say something about an industry or the economy there. (At the bottom are some examples of the kinds of stories editors like to see in this section.) CBS SmartPlanet is looking for 500-word stories and will pay US $500 for each story. Correspondents will write roughly 8 times per year.

If interested, please use the form below to paste a plain text version of your resume, along with 3 examples of your writing.
(HINT: You may use an online document service like Google Drive or Dropbox to store your resume and clips, then simply paste the shared URL into the form below. This helps preserve any formatting you may have.)

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