Japanese website covers AAJA Twitter event

The Japanese website Blogos has published an article about AAJA-Tokyo’s special lecture by Twitter journalist Daisuke Tsuda last week. Check it out if you read Japanese. Or visit our recaps:

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  1. After I heard what Daisuke Tsuda explained about his interest in setting up a new style of media reporting on the Internet in conjunction with Twitter, I thought to myself that this new move, which has begun already outside Japan, may confront established media and government organizations in Japan.

    Many Japanese in general don’t clearly understand the concept of strategy or principle. Gregory Clark, a renowned Japan watcher, often pointed that out on the Japan-US Discussion Forum run and moderated by the National Bureau of Asian Research, and I also agree with his viewpoint about one of the weak points held by Japanese in cross-border situations.

    Especially when it comes to politics, there are many rogues including Yakuza involved. Perhaps Daisuke would need a strategy to challenge such risk, but he may be one of typical Japanese who is not much concerned about setting it up. In my opinion, the strategy includes not only a long term vision but also risk and crisis management.

    Nevertheless, I will watch his activities with great interest.

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