Job openings: Bilingual chief editor and editor in South Korea

POSTECH University’s Bilingual Campus Program in Pohang, South Korea, is now recruiting Korean-English bilingual chief editor and editor positions, responsible for visioning, translation and editing of materials.

Pohang University of Science and Technology (POSTECH) in South Korea is a world-class research university, which launched a bilingual campus program in March 2010. As a result, lectures at POSTECH are now delivered in English and university publications and materials are extensively translated and produced in English. The Bilingual Campus Program is responsible for overseeing this ground-breaking venture, providing visioning, translation and editing of articles and transcripts. This is an exciting opportunity to be at the forefront of work promoting world-class innovation and collaboration across languages.

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POSTECH is recruiting for two positions within the Bilingual Campus Office: Chief editor and Editor.

Responsibilities include:

1.    The Chief editor and Editor provide self-sufficient professional bilingual service, which includes translation of Korean documents into English;

2.    The Chief editor additionally:

a.    makes final review of all documents translated by Bilingual Campus editors;

b.    coordinates bilingual activities of POSTECH.

Qualifications of the candidates:

1.    Fully bilingual or near-native in Korean and English;

2.    Advanced training and skills, and extensive experience in professional writing beyond foreign schooling and conversational fluency;

3.    Intimately familiar with Korean and American cultures, societies, and customs beyond foreign schooling or living.

Compensation is competitive.

The ideal candidate is willing to relocate to Pohang, South Korea, if necessary. Telecommuting  may be considered.

Please e-mail your cover letter, resume and sample articles to:

Dr. Daniel Suh

Editor-in-chief, Bilingual Campus Program

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