Job opening: English-language blogger in Guangzhou

Screen Shot 2013-10-08 at 8.43.25 PMNext City is looking to hire an English-language blogger in Guangzhou as soon as possible.

Next City is preparing to launch a year-long project called Resilient Cities. The project focuses on 10 cities, one of which is Guangzhou. We need to hire one writer in Guangzhou to write a reported blog post for us every other week (so two per month). The posts will revolve around the topic of “urban resilience,” a concept we’re looking at broadly: It could be taken to mean resilience to climate change, natural disasters, economic crises, population fluctuations, etc — basically, the innovative solutions that cities devise (or should be devising) to meet their big challenges.

We will want to explore big problems and big solutions, but also show them through the lens of how they affect real people. I think if you read the blogs on our current project The Informal City Dialogues (examples here and here), it gives a pretty good idea of the type of journalism we’re looking for. If there’s a difference, I would say that for the Resilient Cities project, we’ll be looking for more traditional reporting and analysis, as opposed to narrative storytelling, which formed the core of the Informal City Dialogues.

Contact: Will Doig, will(at)

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