Joshua Wong to speak at N3Con 2017 Gala Dinner

Joshua Wong will address media professionals from around the region at the N3Con annual gala dinner.

Internationally known for his prominent role during the Umbrella Movement, Joshua Wong is a Hong Kong student activist and now serves as secretary general of Demosisto. His major influence in Hong Kong’s pro-democracy movements resulted in his inclusion in TIME’s Most Influential Teens of 2014, nomination for TIME’s
Person of the Year 2014 and recognition by Fortune as one of the world’s greatest leaders in 2015.

“I believe “fake news” is undeniably a major challenge to journalism around the world today as it hinders the public’s right to know,” says Wong. “While the internet has enabled the free flow of true information, which is a major advantage our generation enjoys, it has also significantly lowered the barrier for disseminating false information. I have personally been affected by this, having been accused of being a CIA agent trained by the U.S. Marines and of holding a Green Card — none of which is remotely true. Ethical journalism is vital to providing what is needed in order for us to make informed opinions and decisions.”

Wong gained public attention at age 14 when he set up Scholarism, an activist group for secondary school pupils, and led protests that resulted in preventing the introduction of a national education curriculum which among other things, glossed over the 1989 Tiananmen Square massacre. He went on to lead the Umbrella Movement, raising global attention about democracy in Hong Kong.

“Joshua symbolizes the power of social technology in today’s media environment,” said AAJA-Asia Chapter President and Bloomberg Television Anchor Angie Lau. “As a young person who has garnered global attention in titles run by our members, we are interested to hear about his experience and his advice journalists and media
professionals can consider regarding the role we play in shaping society.”

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