Journalist groups ‘deeply dismayed’ at arrest of Hong Kong photographer in Thailand

AAJA Asia Chapter joins the FCC, HK Press Photographers Association, HK Journalists Association in expressing dismay in charging photographer Anthony Kwan Hok Chun.  Anthony is a friend of AAJA, having been a member in the Minnesota Chapter when he was in college.  We support him now as he fights charges filed against him, which prohibits the possession of military equipment without a license.  Anthony was carrying body armour and a helmet, which is routine protective gear used by journalists while covering stories in dangerous situations.  With 150+ members in APAC, AAJA Asia Chapter monitors journalists and press freedoms closely.  We urge the Thai government, along with our colleagues around the world, to take into consideration the professional precautions that journalists must take to ensure their own safety.

The Foreign Correspondents’ Club in Hong Kong has started a petition calling for charges to be dropped against photojournalist Anthony Kwan, who is being prosecuted by Thai authorities for carrying protective body armor/ a helmet while on assignment in Thailand.

Sign the petition here:

Withdraw Prosecution of Photojournalist for Carrying a Protective Vest and Helmet


FCCHK’s statement:

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