JUNE 7: NETWORKING & NORTH KOREA w/ the Seoul Foreign Correspondents Club

juchestrongA night of networking and North Korea? AAJA and the Seoul Foreign Correspondents Club are making it happen this June!

Come out for a joint happy hour with AAJA and the SFCC, plus a screening of “Juche Strong,” an 18-minute documentary on North Korea. We’ll also be joined by a visiting class of U.S. student journalists from WTAMU, so come with your extra-friendly faces on!

Who: Members of AAJA and SFCC, plus students and professors from WTAMU

When: Friday, June 7, 6:30-8:30 p.m.

Where: Seoul Foreign Correspondents Club Bar

Korea Press Foundation Building, 18th floor

25 Taepyeongno 1-ga, Jung-gu, Seoul

서울 중구 태평로1가 25

Cost: No entry fee. 1,000 won/beer at the bar.

More on “Juche Strong”:

According to its producers, the film “explodes the most pernicious misconceptions of North Korea and argues that the propaganda-fueled national ideology has played an integral role in keeping the country together.”

“Juche Strong” delves into the specifics of the ideology designed to tap into the unique cultural and religious heritage of the Korean people and shows how it instills a collective sense of purpose.

The documentary includes interviews with prominent North Korean scholars, such as Bruce Cummings, David Kang, Victor Cha, Stephan Haggard, and Suk-Young Kim.

“Juche Strong” also includes interviews with a North Korean defector now living in the United States and evolutionary psychologist Jonathan Haidt.

Director Rob Montz filmed in North Korea in the summer of 2012. “Juche Strong,” running 18 minutes, is sponsored by the non-profit Moving Picture Institute.

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