Letter of Candidacy – National Board Representative (Oanh Ha)

AAJA is my family. There’s no other way to describe my relationship with this unique community that first welcomed me as a high school scholarship recipient. While at the national convention this summer, I ran into an AAJA friend who still remembered giving me that scholarship when I was a teenager.

There are many journalism and media organizations, but very few in which there’s a community of colleagues, friends and mentors who support you throughout your career. After almost 20 years as a professional journalist, I’m grateful and proud to still be part of the AAJA family. And I want to continue helping to welcome others into the AAJA community and support fellow journalists..

As a national board representative the past two years, I’ve been an advocate and voice for the AAJA-Asia chapter. I’ve also worked with our chapter leaders to organize annual N3 conventions, as well as contributed to other chapter events. As a continuing national board representative, I’d like to work with our great team of leaders across the region to develop more programming that serves members at every stage of their careers and expand our AAJA family.

K.Oanh Ha, Vietnam- candidate for National Board Representative