Mental Health: Coping with Moral Injuries Affecting Journalists

Saturday 21 October 2023, 3pm – 4pm HKT / SGT  (online)

A former journalist, now mental health counsellor, Ms. Kuma Chow will discuss the findings of her PhD research topic “Applying Logic-Based Therapy to Help Journalists Suffering From Moral Injuries”. In this session, Kuma will share the common type of moral injuries she observed in the journalists she has been counselling, as well as some tips on how to prevent and handle the negative emotions stemming from these injuries. Participants will be welcome to join the open-floor discussion, share their experiences and ask questions about the therapy. Please register below to attend.


Kuma Chow is a mental health counsellor, National Philosophical Counseling Association (NPCA) certified Logic-Based Therapist, experienced yoga teacher, Thai boxing and running coach, communications consultant and freelance columnist. As a journalist, she worked at the Hong Kong Economic Times, TVB News, and more recently as the digital editor at AsiaGlobal Online. Kuma received her bachelor of journalism degree from The University of Hong Kong and her master’s degree in mental health counseling from Hong Kong Baptist University. She is pursuing a PhD in philosophy with philosophical counseling as her main focus at West University of Timișoara in Romania.

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Free one-on-one counsellling sessions for HK journalists

Ms. Kuma Chow is recruiting Hong Kong journalists for free counselling sessions for her PhD research, which focuses on using Logic-Based Therapy (a modality of philosophical counselling) to help journalists who are emotionally suffering from occupational moral injuries.  Sessions can be either online or in-person. Each session is an hour long and complementary for eligible Hong Kong  journalists.

Interested journalists, please contact Kuma via email: chui(dot)chow10 AT e-uvt(dot)ro – to take a screening test and schedule a session or express your interest via the online talk’s registration form.

For any questions, please contact