New.Now.Next Media Conference 2017

Social Disruption – Navigating the New Journalism

As digital technology converges with traditional broadcast media channels, social media is changing the way information is published and distributed. New content generation platforms provide production access to anyone with a mobile phone and social networks are taking the lead in content creation and distribution. The resulting social disruption blurs the lines between news, editorial, opinion, advertising and agenda. Recent news headlines have been dominated by the battle over fake news and the arrival of alternative facts in what is becoming known as the age of post-truth. As Hong Kong looks back over the past 25 years since the handover, journalists and media professionals around the region, including reporters and editors from The New York Times, Bloomberg and The Wall Street Journal offer insights and ideas for the challenges ahead at AAJA-Asia’s 7th annual New.Now.Next Media Conference taking place May 19-21 in Hong Kong.

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