Open Show Tokyo to launch on May 15

Tokyo hosts the first Open Show on May 15! Open Show, currently in 13 countries, is a global network of live events where the public can interact directly with photographers, film and multimedia producers. Originally started in San Francisco in 2008, our monthly events around the world feature five presenters to show a project using a projector.

To celebrate our launch, we plan to commemorate 3/11 through the lens of multimedia journalists and their coverage of the triple disaster.

We will have Isao Monden from the Kahoku Shimpo, the biggest regional newspaper in the Tohoku region, Daisuke Wakabayashi from the Wall Street Journal and freelance photo journalist Martin Hladik to present their work.

We are also presenting photos taken by children in the city of Ishinomaki with a collaboration of A Day in the World, the world’s largest single-day photo event. The Japan project is organized by Everett Kennedy Brown at the European Photo Agency and Hideko Kataoka, the photo editor at Newsweek Japan.

The launch will be at the Sarava Tokyo on May 15, starting at 7 p.m. We will be charging 1,000 yen as we have to pay for the venue this time.

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Please come join us!

Note: We are always looking for presenters as it’s a monthly event. If you are a visual artist and interested in presenting your work, please contact us at!

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