Producer opening in Phnom Penh

WILDLIFE ALLIANCE is looking for a full time digital / social media
producer to work out of their Phnom Penh, Cambodia office.

We are looking for a creative self starter who cares about environmental
issues relating to climate change, deforestation, animal trafficking,
animal rescue/rehabilitation, eco-tourism & rainforest preservation in
Southeast Asia.

The ideal candidate has a strong sense of what makes a video viral & knows
how to tell stories in a simple, emotionally compelling way. The job is
part in-house producer, part webmaster, part social media strategist.

It will be up to you to create & drive original content based on stories
you find on the ground.

As long as you are comfortable using a digital camera & Flip Cam, that’s
all you need. As far as shooting original content is concerned, this
region of Cambodia offers many opportunities to find & share unique
stories…… Follow the Wildlife Rapid Rescue team as they chase animal
traffickers through the Cardamom Mountain Range. Follow the stories of
some of the 1,400 animals rescued from smugglers, rehabilitated at the
Phnom Tamao Wildlife Rescue Center & released back into the wild…..
Create a travelogue about the burgeoning ecotourism industry in Chi
Phat….. Perhaps you can broadcast the days leading up to the birth of an
elephant, rare Indochinese tiger or silvered langur via live streaming

* Pitch, shoot & edit short videos for Wildlife Alliance’s website as well as Twitter & Facebook
* Create original print/video content on Facebook, Twitter & Wildlife Alliance’s website.
* Work with communications & marketing team on initiatives that will increase visibility & drive
* Propose & execute innovative campaigns to increase FB fans, Twitter followers & website visitors.
* Always looking for new hooks to bring Wildlife Alliance to a larger audience.

Info on Wildlife Alliance:

Contact: Avrielle Gallagher