Seoul Tea Talk: How to Cover Conglomerates

What’s the best way to write a ‘nut rage’ story? How do you delve into Samsung coverage and get past very tight-lipped PR gatekeepers? Will that big Lotte World Tower really crack and fall down? How do you write these stories effectively and pitch them successfully?

Find out how to cover Korea’s conglomerates (or chaebol groups) which are responsible for the majority of the nation’s economy. And since most are family-controlled (though not always family-owned) there are key personalities that drive these companies. That makes for some juicy drama (i.e. ‘nut rage’) but also for some threats of lawsuits that all journalists must be aware.

I’ll moderate the discussion, but really we will be led in the talk by two distinguished guests:

1) Jisoo Lee, Law and Business Research Center

2) Geoffrey Cain, Journalist and Commentator

AAJA How to Cover Conglomerates Tea Talk

Saturday, January 17th at 11AMLocation: Insadong, Kyungin Art Museum (meet at the tea shop in the complex)

Cost: 10,000 won for members / 15,000 won for non-members

Please RSVP to me by Thursday, 1/15 and send payment in advance. Due to space restrictions we may have to cap attendance.

Come at 11AM to mingle and tour the museum. And by 11:30AM let’s settle down with our tea and rice cakes for our discussion. Cost includes the tea and rice cakes. See you then!

– Sean Lim



Discussion Points:

  • Conglomerate structure 101
  • Why write about conglomerates?
  • What topics to focus on?
  • How to gather evidence, research?
  • How not to get in trouble?

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