Special chapter elections: Candidates

It’s election season again! Now is the time for you to step up and help lead our chapter of 200-strong members into an amazing 2015. You will receive a ballot in your email inbox. Voting ends Friday, Feb. 6 at midnight, GMT+8.

Here’s a summary of all the candidates for the posts. Click through for their letters of candidacy:

  1. Post: Chapter President

 Joint candidate: Angie Lau and Yuriko Nagano (Co-presidency)

  1. Post: China Vice President


  1. Post: At-large board member A (term until December 2016)

     Candidate: Jeremiah Foo

  1. Post: At-large board member B (term until December 2015)

Candidate: Youkyung Lee

  1. Post: National board representative

Candidate: Blessing Waung

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