Statement from the Foreign Correspondents’ Club of Thailand

The current unrest in Bangkok has resulted in serious injury and loss of
life. Among journalists, cameramen and photographers have been most at risk
with a Japanese television cameraman killed in April, and four others
wounded in recent days – three Thai and one foreign. Innocent bystanders
have also been wounded and possibly killed. 

The press in general should need no reminding that live ammunition is being
used in certain areas, and that the situation is volatile and extremely
hazardous. The wearing of dark clothing is particularly inadvisable in the
present circumstances. The Thai Journalists Association has already advised
its members to be especially careful in certain areas, notably the
Ratchaprasong intersection.

The FCCT endorses this recommendation, while also taking this opportunity to
repeat the statement issued after the death of Hiro Muramoto: “We hope
that all parties concerned will respect the right of the domestic and foreign
media to report these complex and volatile events with impartiality and accuracy. These are important and difficult times for all the people of Thailand and the free flow of correct information is now more important than ever.”