Swadesh DeRoy Scholarship from Japan's FCC

The Foreign Correspondents’ Club of Japan is taking submissions for its Swadesh DeRoy Scholarship. The top prize is 300,000 yen (nearly US$4,000). Any current undergraduate or graduate student in Japan, or any Japanese student enrolled in an overseas journalism program, is eligible to apply. The deadline is February 15, 2012. More details on the FCCJ website.


Students can apply by submitting an application form, resume, copy of their student photo ID, a brief statement explaining what you would use the prize money for, and ONE of the following:

PRINT ENTRY: A 800-1,200 word unpublished article in English on one of the topics listed below. Applicants must include photos with their text.

NOTE: Priority is given to print entries that express original ideas, and are clear, concise and well-researched. Winning entries are not restricted to grammatically perfect articles. Non-native English speakers are free to consult with native speakers prior to submitting their articles, but there should be minimal outside editing. Entries from non-native speakers suspected of having been heavily rewritten by native speakers of English will be subjected to investigation by the Scholarship Committee and possible disqualification.

PHOTO ENTRY: A 200-250 word written introduction about what the photos are meant to convey as a journalistic work and a selection of at least ten 8×10 photos (color or black and white) on one of the topics with captions. Students may also submit a contact sheet or a group of digital photo thumbnails in addition to the photos. Entries must be printed photographs. Digital images on CDs and DVDs will not be considered due to the nature of the judging process.

VIDEO ENTRY: 1.5 minute ? 3 minute visual package on one of the topics. Video contributions should be in spirit and in principle, the sole work of an individual although cited assistance from outside sources is permitted.

TOPICS (Choose one): Rebuilding after 311 Disaster / The future vision of Japan.

GRAND PRIZE: 300,000 yen
Second Prize: 200,000 yen
Third Prize: 100,000 yen

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