TEDx talk by AAJA-Asia’s co-president, Angie Lau

On May 31, our chapter co-president Angie Lau told her story, “I Am Not Supposed to Be Here,” at TEDxWanChai Women in Hong Kong. Why did Angie become a journalist? How did her experiences as part of a minority community in America shape her? If you missed the powerful and inspirational talk, the YouTube video is up!

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Traditionally filial piety has preferred men over women and when Angie Lau was born as the first child, from the first son of a first son, her arrival came as a shock. Lau talks about how she was able to overcome racial and gender bias through self-determination and the support of her loving parents, with the message ‘I stand before you today as living proof that you can create your own journey’.

A global journalist with more than 16 years’ experience, Angie Lau is an anchor for Bloomberg Television. hosting First Up, which begins live daily coverage out of Asia, leading viewers into the start of the business day. She is a member of the Asian American Journalists Association (AAJA) and was the co-director of AAJA J-Camp, which teaches journalism to scholarship students across the nation.