The state of media diversity: Why AAJA matters

What is diversity and does it matter for journalists in Asia? One of the core tenants of AAJA is to promote diversity in newsrooms in the US and to advocate for fair media coverage of communities, but these issues are also important in our part of the world. Diversity is not just about gender and ethnicity, according to the following video.

The video clip is from the New.Now.Next Media Conference, held in Hong Kong in May 2013. The panelists are Doris Truong, multiplatform editor at the Washington Post; Paul Cheung, global interactive editor in New York for the Associated Press; Sharon Chan, associate opinions editor at the Seattle Times; and Bobby Calvan, chairman of AAJA’s MediaWatch. The moderator is Ken Moritsugu, enterprise editor at the Associated Press.

Chan points out that AAJA’s diversity mission IS important in Asia: The leaders of many large US media organizations do not reflect diversity, nor do their bureau chiefs. The fact remains that white editors in New York still control white editors in bureaus in Asia and other places abroad. Watch the discussion here:

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