AAJA-Asia is committed to help its members grow and progress in their journalistic careers.

We offer members a wide range opportunities to acquire new skills, learn best-practices and share their knowledge and experience by joining the AAJA-Asia training network. This is a quick overview of how you can get involved into our activities:

  • New.Now.Next Media Conference (N3Con): At this annual event, journalists meet and exchange best practices and insights about how to best cover key issues in the Asia Pacific region. Members also have the opportunity to connect at N3Con with mentors one-on-one for career counseling or resume advice, as well as participate in intensive leadership workshops to develop the soft skills needed to accelerate in the workplace. 
  • N3 Digital Salons: These hybrid online-offline events allow AAJA-Asia’s members and friends to gather simultaneously at various sites across Asia and the US and discuss between them, at each location, and all together – via a live streaming platform – topics of special relevancy to their journalistic work.
  • Digital tools training: AAJA-Asia and the Google News Initiative have teamed up to provide free training workshops and outreach to journalists in Asia looking to apply the latest digital tools in their news gathering, reporting and storytelling.
  • Executive Leadership Program: this program for mid-career journalists aims to promote diversity (of ethnicity and gender) and inclusion in the leadership of newsrooms of international and local media operating in Asia.  
  • National Convention: AAJA-Asia grants stipends to select members to attend AAJA’s major annual event in the U.S.
  • Student programs: With nearly one-third of membership worldwide comprised of students, AAJA makes continued efforts to provide a holistic, sustainable cycle of career development and mentoring through, fellowships and internships.  
  • GNI / AAJA-Asia training network:  AAJA-Asia members have the opportunity to join “Train the trainers” sessions and get certified to deliver training workshops across the region, in partnership with the Google News Initiative, on specific issues such as “digital tools” (see above) or  “fact-checking and source verification” (upcoming).
  • Partnerships: Support AAJA-Asia’s mission, expose your brand and reach out to our diverse membership by sponsoring our events and programs.

What kind of support, advice or skills do you feel you need the most right now? Please take the time (only 2 min) to fill up this short survey to let us know how we can support journalists in the Asia Pacific region better.